Our Wedding Date: October 10, 2010


Jay was born in 1978 in Bellevue Washington. He graduated from Bellevue Christian High School in 1996. Jay attended Central Washington University and graduated in 2000 with a B.S. in Computer Science. Since the mid 1990’s Jay has been an active trader in the New York Stock Exchange and an active member of the Domain Name industry. He started working for a web-hosting company before graduating from college. By 2004 he started his own web-software company, Name Intelligence, and web-hosting company, Spry. By mid 2008 he had sold both companies. Since then, Jay has spent time traveling the world, investing in start-up companies and continuing his passion for the Domain Name industry. Recently, Jay began new pursuits on his next start-up company called Open Caller I.D. 


Icy  was born in 1982 in Seattle Washington. She graduated from Seattle Lutheran High School in 2000. Icy attended the University of Washington and graduated in 2004 with a B.A. in Psychology. Since childhood, Icy has been passionate about people, animals, and art. She spent time traveling the world and studying Child and Family Development, including research with John Gottman.  In 2004 Icy began working for her family’s manufacturing company, Red Dot Corporation, in the Human Resources Department. 


Together, Jay and Icy met through an on-line dating website called Match.com. Their first date, on Black Friday 2008, was at the 12th Street Café in Issaquah Washington. Their next date was at Icy’s house in West Seattle, where she attempted to cook him Shrimp Risotto. Although Jay admits he cannot cook, he knows good risotto when he tastes it. Icy’s risotto was “not good”. Jay said he would show Icy how to cook proper “rice” and invited her over for dinner the following week. 


For the record, Jay’s home cooked meal was brown rice (made from a rice cooker Jay purchased that day) and QFC’s pre-marinated steak. Icy still believes her Shrimp Risotto was more impressive.


Jay and Icy love to travel. Together they have been to Canada, New York, Colorado, Black Rock City (Burning Man), Cairnes Australia, Las Vegas! and Sun River, OR, where they became engaged! They've shared many adventures throughout the past couple years,  like becoming certified Open Water Divers and diving on the Great Barrier Reef, adopting a second boxer dog and remodeling their home. They are both passionate about dogs, downhill skiing, traveling and their families. 


Jay and Icy  look forward to a unique and special wedding day to celebrate their love for each other and their commitment to lifelong friendship, family and companionship.